Dreadnut Jamaica

The Dreadnut Jamaica Story

my name is LeeAnne, and I moved to Jamaica in 2002. In 2003 I created Dreadnut Jamaica, a line of custom jewelry that reflects my unique experiences and the dynamic vibe which has made Jamaica synonymous with casual, cool, dynamic arts. 

The word ‘Dreadnut’ is a country term for a coconut, and in the beginning I found them so inspiring that I designed a piece of shell into every piece I created. Now six years later my business has evolved into several different creative avenues, and while I don’t necessarily include a piece of coconut shell in all of my designs anymore, there is a resiliency and resonance to using natural objects that speaks directly to my process as an artist, and so I kept the word as my namesake.

Designing and creating one of a kind jewelry, inspired by past life experiences and now living here in Jamaica, is what I love doing most. My passion is creating beautiful artwork that incorporates naturally found objects, the feeling of the seaside, the expression of the jungle, the lapping of the Caribbean, the creative suss of the people catching up on a veranda after a day’s work, and offering tribute to these themes by using various indigenous seeds, mixing them with semi-precious stones, and beautiful, colored glass. 

My art has found it’s way into the shops of several major and boutique hotels and gift shops here in Jamaica, as well as being collected by a growing list of private individuals. It is a joy to design custom pieces, and each piece reflects something I have picked up from its future owner, not only does the piece become infused with the vibe of Jamaica, but also the person I am designing for becomes an inspiration for the design. This makes my work particularly resonant with brides and their bridal parties, for example, who often need that special item that will seal in their memories the joy and love that has brought them all together for their special day in Jamaica. My designs lend significance to and provide an exclamation point to their time spent here. Amongst my patrons are also many of the major acts and Reggae Artistes we have here in Jamaica.

My artwork often includes stone inclusions based on their intrinsic, natural properties. I have compiled some information about the stones I use on a page titled, The Healing Powers of Stones, and I hope you take some time to familiarize yourself with some of the properties I feel many stones exhibit.

Creating this site answers a need expressed by my growing family of clients and patrons who wish to see some of my creations and either make a purchase from what I have available or to special order pieces from me, without having to book a flight down to Negril, or to enable them to pick up their piece when they arrive or to set up a meeting and design session so their piece will be ready before they depart. 

My supply of stones, beads, seeds, and ideas are always evolving, and my dedication is constant. If you would like to have me create a piece for you or if you’d like to see what I currently have in stock,  please contact me and let the creative process take root and flow. 

Thanks for viewing my page and I look forward to designing for you.

Walk good,LeeAnne

Please contact me for all inquiries
including placing an order or pricing.